Cloths for rotary disc filter Company

Cloths for rotary disc filter

Cloths for rotary disc filter

Discs & cloths for vacuum & pressure filters
We provide filter and dryer discs for pressure filters in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We also provide cloths with customized design for vacuum and pressure filters (leaf filters, disc filters, rotary drum filters, Kelly filters etc.); the main fibers supplied are polypropylene and polyamide.

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Custom Made

Main features:
• Fibers: polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, PVDF, Saran, PTFE
• Antistatic version available
• Wide variety of fabric meshes
• With and without center hole
• Many diameters as per customer request
• asy installation and optimal fit
• Diameters: from 500 to 3000 mm


This is a large disc filter on a metallurgical application. NFM can provide a complete disc filter, rebuild and all the component parts including sector bags, sectors, clamps, scraper blades, valves, wear plates, bull gear and worm and more:
Filter bags made of, e.g. PP, PVDF, PA
Pore size down to 20 µm
Different designs for 15° or 30° segments having special zipper closures

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