Cloths for filter press Company

Cloths for filter press

Cloths for filter press

We manufacture filter press cloths for most popular makes and have the flexibility to customize products according to customers´ needs. Our offer for filter presses includes:
• overhang cloth
• barrel neck cloth
• special press cloth 
• plate and frame press cloth

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Custom Made

Main features:
• woven fabrics made of all sort of fibers: polyamide, polypropylene, polyester, PVC etc. (also polyester disposable needle felts are available)
• different yarn types (monofilament, multifilament and staple) to customize the filtering performance: cake release, flow, efficiency etc.
• dimensions: all dimensions till 2500x2500 mm
• Weight range: 200 - 970 g/m²
• Air permeability range @200Pa: 0-2800 l/dm² min
• Backing cloths in polypropylene monofilament with wide areal range

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