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Weft:0.50㎜ Polyester monofilament \2*3000D Polyester multifilament

Density (cm)




Weight:1224 g/㎡

Bursting strength(N/5x20cm):4218N

Bursting strength(N/5x20cm):7746N



Air Permeability:350 L/㎡S

Joint:Clipper joint

Material: PET (1, polyester polyester polyester chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate, 2, polyester monofilament melting point of 236 °C, under normal circumstances heat setting below 200 °C, polyester mesh at 120 When used in the range of -140°C, the mesh belt will shrink, otherwise the mesh belt will be used for a long time.3, PET polyester plastic has excellent mechanical properties, high hardness, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, good toughness, Impact resistance, friction resistance, good chemical resistance, soluble in cresol, concentrated sulfuric acid, nitrobenzene, trichloroacetic acid, chlorophenol, insoluble in methanol, ethanol, acetone, alkane.Use temperature -100~120°C. The rate is 1.8%-2.7%.

Usage:Desulfurization and denitrification in power plants

Desulfurization mesh belt Features:

1.Weave by special section monofilament and multifilament wires. it can retain 2-20 micron  Material.

2.perfect air permeability and high productiove efficience. the moisture content of filter cakes is very low, so the filter      material is easy to peel off. 

3.Select high viscosity PET as raw material, so it have good abrasion resistance and strength.filter belt     is easy to reproducible.

4.This filter belt have good steady property, while the belt bear tension strength in availiable temperature.

5.The use of 316L stainless steel steel buckle joints and special cloth cover make the product joints firm, not broken vacuum, long service life.


                       Paper side                                                                                                   Machine side

                       Side                                                                                                   Product

Use Cases:

1.Taicang Port GCL Power Generation 2.05*34.75 meters.

2.Shanghai Baosteel 1.25*27.95 meters.

3.Texas Power Plant 2.8*35 meters, 2.3*34.8 meters.

4.The life of mesh belt is basically one year to two years.

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