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HD New Special Net05502

Aquaculture filter Bag-HD New Special Net05502

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Zhejiang  huading net industry  Co.,LTD which belongs to Heading Filter Group is the original and professional manufacturer for all kinds of the filter cloths and filter bags for the liquid separation ,wet filtration , gas filtration and dust collection .

We are pleased to recommend our new product to you-- Aquaculture filter bag .

This special net bag approved and used well by American end user.

Product sages:  aquaculture

product advantage: High tenacity,corrosion resistence

acid and alkali resistence , ultriviolet-proof,anti-aging,easy to use...

Heading Filter is always devoted into filter material reserch and development,welcome join hands with us.


Usage Aquaculture
 Product Specifications  Name Aquaculture filter bag
Material Special Polyester monofilament,High tenacity PE filament, Polypropylene monofilament
Code HD05502
Size 336CM²*68CM,Weight:266-268g/m²
Capacity High tenacity,corrosion resistence,acid and alkali resistence , ultriviolet-proof,anti-aging,easy to use


Test Report
Model: HD New Special Net05502 Customer NO.:
Date: 2017/10/21 Material: Special PP/PE  
Test Date: 2017/10/25


NO Test Item Test Results Verdict
1 Air Permeability(L/M²•S) 12417 12347 12385 12397 12406
2 Weight(GSM/M²) 267 268 267 267 266
3 Thickness(MM) 1.067 1.072 1.074 1.072 1.075
4 Breaking Strength(200×50mmN) Warp 1141.2 1183.4
Weft 1238 1250
5 Splitting and Elongation(%) Warp 64.70% 63.20%
Weft 63.90% 64.20%
6 Test According GB/T 3923.1-1997
7 Main Test Machine Electronic single yarn strength tester
8 Test condition Temperature:5℃         Humidity:48%
9 Verdict This report is just for real test.
(Test report stamp)
Date:  2017 /10/25
10 Notes: Test Site: QC of Zhejiang Heading Environment Technology Co.,Ltd
Approver: Verifier: Inspector:
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