What is the difference between a self-cleaning filter and a backwashing filter?


Self-cleaning filters and backwashing filters are the s […]

Self-cleaning filters and backwashing filters are the star products in the field of fully automatic filtration on the market today. Although they are all automatic filters, there are obvious differences between the two.

Shanghai Jiuyi Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced design and manufacturing company in the world of filtration industry. The company specializes in automatic and intelligent filtration, especially in the field of self-cleaning filtration. Take our AFM internal self-cleaning filter and AR backwash filter as an example to compare the two.
The filtering principle is different

AFM internal self-cleaning filter filtration principle:

The liquid flows in from the inlet, the compensated scraper is in close contact China Press Filter Belts Manufacturerswith the inner surface of the filter screen, the liquid flows outward from the inner surface of the filter element through the filter screen, the impurities are trapped on the inner surface, and the liquid flows out from the outlet; as time passes, the impurities gradually Increase, the pressure difference rises, and the filter is cleaned according to the set pressure difference or timing. The motor-driven scraper performs a horizontal rotary motion to clean the filter screen. When the scraper rotates, the impurities are scraped off by the scraper and flow to the bottom of the filter, and large-scale impurities are deposited into the dirt collection chamber. Each cleaning consists of several strokes, and the filter surface is cleaned to restore the filtration capacity. Normal filtration during cleaning, flow is not interrupted. After a plurality of cleaning cycles, impurities accumulate to a certain amount, and the drain valve is periodically opened to discharge the waste liquid containing high concentration impurities, and may be recovered if necessary.