what is Ice silk?


Ice silk is the trade name of a chemical fiber, which i […]

Ice silk is the trade name of a chemical fiber, which is precisely a denatured polyviscose fiber. The fiber has better hygroscopicity and gas permeability than ordinary viscose fiber, and has better shape retention and drape. The moisture content of ice silk is most in line with the physiological requirements of human skin. It has the characteristics of smooth, cool, breathable, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet, and beautiful colors. Ice silk is also called rayon, viscose, viscose filament, nylon and so on.
Precautions for washing ice silk fabric:

You can use ordinary washing powder for washing ice silk clothes. It is Joint Fabrics Manufacturersof course better to use neutral detergent. Never use alkaline detergent. The washing temperature should not be too high, and it should not exceed 40 °C. It is best to wash by hand. Use the machine to wash only the soft program. It can be dried but not excessive. Conditional can be washed using a wet washing process. Ice silk clothing generally does not have any wrinkles after drying, simply ironing can be.

Since the ice silk T-shirt is a knitwear, the surface of the yarn is relatively smooth, so it is easy to be stripped by a sharp sharp tool. Therefore, we must pay attention to all aspects of wearing, washing, and smoking. In addition, the ice silk clothing will gradually become hard after being affected by sunlight and air for a long time, and the hand feeling is not soft enough. Therefore, the ice silk T-shirt needs to be treated with a softener after several washings.

Ice silk T-shirts are generally light-colored, but because of their good hydrophilicity, they are easily contaminated with dirt, and some dirt may penetrate into the fibers. Therefore, if the wearing time is too long, there will be many residual stains that cannot be thoroughly washed. Therefore, when wearing ice silk clothing, pay attention to frequent washing and changing, do not wait until the dirt is heavy and then wash.