Water filter bag, liquid filter bag introduction


The water filter bag and the liquid filter bag are the […]

The water filter bag and the liquid filter bag are the key filter elements in the filtration system. The quality of the filter directly determines the quality of the finished product. The filter bag filtration principle is simple: the physical or mechanical principle is used to make the filtrate produce a pressure difference. The filtrate in the flow penetrates the filter bag from the inside to the outside, and the impurities larger than the pore diameter of the filter bag are trapped in the filter bag to complete the filtration work. The filter bag is usually composed of a filter container and a basket to form a filter system, and is indispensable. The filtrate enters the filter container from the side or the top, and the basket acts to support the filter bag, preventing the filter bag from being damaged due to uneven force under strong pressure.
How to choose the right filter bag in the actual application? Let's take a look at the following points: 1. According to whether the filtering object belongs to the food field or the industrial field, the filterLiquid filter bag bag in the food field generally uses the particulate impurities in the pre-water treatment step and in the liquid, and the filter bag must be required to comply with the FDA level. Made in GMP workshop, it is not polluted by silicone oil or dust during production and transportation. Generally, food grade PP polypropylene and PE polyester are the main filter materials; industrial filtration requires less material than food filtration, but also needs To meet the requirements of environmental protection, the filter bag can not contain fluorescent agents and any chemical substances. There should be no fibers in the filter. Generally, nylon monofilament and polypropylene are the main filter materials. 2. According to the sewing process of the filter bag, the most The commonly used wire stitching process and ultrasonic welding and stitching process show that the filter bag effect of the ultrasonic welding and stitching process is better than that of the wire stitching process, but the maximum compressive capacity is that the wire stitching is better than the welding stitching. Can be selected according to actual needs; 3, according to the performance of the material, the filter material permeability determines the filtration efficiency and life of the filter bag The filter bag with better air permeability has a small initial pressure difference, and is suitable for filtration in a high-flux filtrate. The filter bag with high efficiency and poor gas permeability is suitable for filtration in a low-flux filtrate. Of course, there are many other factors that determine the choice of filter bags, which must be flexibly chosen according to the actual situation.Vacuum Filter Belts Manufacturers

Water filter bags and liquid filter bags have a wide range of applications in both industrial and food fields, and they are a very important part of the filtration process.