Use of needle punched nonwoven fabric


The use of needle-punched nonwovens: the use of needle- […]

The use of needle-punched nonwovens: the use of needle-punched nonwovens is different, the process is not the same, so the needle-punching line is not the same, a domestic needle-punching line from more than 400,000 to more than 4 million, and then with finishing The same is a needle-punched non-woven fabric, the use can be increased by several times, and the price is rising linearly.
Health care: non-woven band-aid,
Agriculture: Harvest cloth, shed cloth.
Industry: floppy disk lining, speaker cloth, filter material, speaker insulation felt, seal ring lining, FRP reinforced towel, industrial wipes, shockproof liner, tube base lining, ventilation duct, sand cloth.
Packing: pipe insulation packaging cloth, packaging base lining,Nonwoven Needle Felt
Clothing shoes: clothing lining, toe hard lining, heel lining, artificial deer skin, synthetic leather, warm shoes lining, cloth sole lining.
Automotive industry: waste spinning insulation felt, shockproof felt, canopy, cushion lining, carpet, door lining, car filter, molded seat cushion. Dust filter bag
Household clothing: cloth in the sofa, carpet, wall covering, mirror cloth, vacuum cleaner filter bag, scouring pad, curtain,
Civil engineering, construction: reinforcement, reinforcement, filtration, felt base fabric, drainage board, roofing waterproofing material, railway, highway, berm, water slope, port sound insulation, sewer, heat protection, separation, drainage. Geotextile,
Military and other uses: launch vehicle, missile head heat-proof cone, tail nozzle throat lining, space shuttle heat-resistant tile, glass fiber, carbon fiber insulation cloth
Etc., the current use of domestic needle-punched nonwovens: about two thousand