The most low tech way I know of to curl straight


The most low tech way I know of to curl straight hair i […]

The most low tech way I know of to curl straight hair is with strips of scrap fabric. Cotton works very well. If you have an old tee shirt or something similar you don't mind sacrificing, cut thin strips about half an inch to an inch wide by about four inches long. They don't have to be perfect.

First wash and condition your hair. Towel dry, but keepSpiral Dryer Fabrics Suppliers  it wet. Now is the time to use a setting product (mousse, gel or what have you) but it is not required.

Now you are going to take a lock of hair. The size matters. The more hair, the looser the curl. Less hair will give a tighter curl. You will twist the lock of hair from the scalp all the way to the tip. Depending on how long your hair is the coil may start to wrap around itself the tighter you twist, that is fine. Once the lock is fully twisted, without letting go of the end (to keep the tension) you want to coil it (spiral, think cinnamon rolls) at the base, on your scalp. Wrap your scrap fabric around it once or twice and use the fabric to tie it in place.

You should start in front at the top and work your way down and back. Make sure that all your locks and coils are twisted the same way each time. If you twist clockwise, theyChina Nonwoven Forming Belts Suppliers  should all be done the same way. If your first coil is clockwise all the rest should follow suit.

Next it needs to dry. It won't dry on it's own coiled and wrapped very easily. I don't know what you consider a special product, but if you have a hair dryer this part is made easier. Use the blow dryer without disrupting the coils. You need it very dry. If you don't have a hair dryer it will take a long time. Sit in the sun as long as you can and sleep with them overnight if you don't have a hair dryer.

Once they are totally dry, untie the cloth strips. The hair will be kind of stuck in position, some coils may fall, that's fine leave it till you have all the cloth strips off. Now use your fingers to gently unravel the coils. Don't use a comb or brush, just your fingers. Loosen the curls and you are set!