One of the most important accessories of the baghouse


One of the most important accessories of the baghouse i […]

One of the most important accessories of the baghouse is the filter. Baghouse filters usually come in three different forms. The first type of baghouse filter available is the shaker collectors. The shaker collector filter bags are shaken to empty the powder with the use of a motor driven mechanical rod. Shaker collector filter bags have a cleaning action produced in intervals when the shaker baghouse is off line. The shaker type of baghouse filter is somewhat limited in it's capabilities. This can be corrected by replacing the usually ineffective mechanical shaker with an acoustic cleaner. The acoustic cleaner will sound off at periodic intervals which increases the filter bag's shelf life greatly. Replacing the faulty mechanical shaker is a smart way to make your baghouse filter last much longer.Baghouse Filter Bags Suppliers

The second type of baghouse filter is the reverse air baghouse. Reverse air baghouse filters are bigger than shaker collectors. They have a round shape with tubular filter bags. Sometimes the round filter bags in the reverse air baghouse is called socks. The reverse air baghouse filters are held up on wire cages and hang downPress Filter Belts Manufacturers  inside the filter with contaminated gas stream being sucked through the outside of each filter bag. The clean air being exhauste from inside each filter bag by an outside fan. Unfortunately, sometimes the powder builds up on the outside of the baghouse filter bags which can lead to the breakdown of the baghouse filter.

This problem can be prevented by adding a few rotation fans to blow air down the inside of each filter to keep the powder from clogging the reverse air baghouse filters. The third type of baghouse filter is the reverse jet baghouse. Reverse jet baghouses are the most commonly used baghouse filter. It uses high pressure and low voulume air as a cleaning tool. Reverse jet baghouse filters compress air at 5-6 bar pressure limits. The sizes vary in reverse jet baghouse filters. This makes it one of the most widely used type of baghouse filter. People love the versatility of reverse jet baghouse filters. Much like the other types of baghouse filters the reverse jet baghouse filter can run into operational problems. These problems can be corrected with the installation of an acoustic cleaner. The use of an acoustic cleaner with your reverse jet baghouse filter can increase the bag life, improve the operation of the air filter manufacturer, reduce the level of the reverse jet pulsing, eliminate cross contamination, and ensure all material exits the hopper.