Three "Golden Keys" Opened the Anping Wire Mesh Industry Upgrade Gate


To promote the transformation and upgrading of the trad […]

To promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional wire mesh industry, Anping County has meticulously created three “golden keys” for the exhibition economy, park platform, and innovation engine. It has lengthened the industrial chain, enhanced its industrial strength, docked with the high-end market, and fully started the transformation and upgrading of the wire mesh industry. New Era.

A few days ago, from the just-concluded 12th China* Anping International Wire Mesh Expo, good news was uploaded. On the day of the expo, six projects were successfully signed, with a total investment of 3.18 billion yuan and a contractual investment of 1.486 billion yuan. It is understood that the scale of this expo is unprecedented, and more than 12,000 merchants and merchants attended the conference, including more than 700 foreign businessmen, involving more than 40 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. Anping International Wire Mesh Expo has become a key exhibition supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. It is known as the world's wire mesh first exhibition in terms of barometer and wind direction of international wire mesh trends. In addition, the county has aggressively promoted well-known exhibitions at home and abroad. Since 2002, they have organized hundreds of companies to participate in large-scale exhibitions such as the Cologne Hardware Show, the Chicago Building Materials Fair and the Canton Fair in the United States, especially at the 111th Canton Fair this spring. The county and county governments invested more than one million yuan, held product industry promotion activities, organized investment promotion conferences, and achieved fruitful results. There were four foreign-funded projects and foreign trade transactions worth 28 million US dollars.

East Industrial Park has become a high-quality platform for transformation and upgrading. Anping County regards the construction of the park as an important carrier for industrial clustering, transformation and upgrading. Following the construction standards of the national development zone, an industrial park with a starting area of ​​10 square kilometers and a total area of ​​20 square kilometers has been constructed. At the same time, in order to avoid the simple move of enterprises entering the park Help enterprises to seize the high point of the development of the screen industry, the county strictly put the project into the park, "science and technology," "investment intensity" and "environmental clearance" to ensure that the monomer out of the image, the overall effect. On October 23, the park once again demonstrated the charm of attracting and attracting people. On the basis of 42 enterprises with investment of over 100 million yuan, 10 large-scale projects with a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan and a single investment of over 100 million yuan have been settled in the park. The project includes high-tech projects such as polyester nets, high-end filtration equipment, and high-tech lighting equipment. It has upgraded its scale, equipment, technology, products, etc., and is expected to have an annual production value of more than 8 billion yuan and a profit and tax of up to 1.6 billion. yuan. Among them, Anping Fuhua Network Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 1 million square meters of precision wide high-end stainless steel nets and 300,000 sets of wire mesh deep-processing products, covering an area of ​​100 mu and a total investment of 550 million yuan. The products are mainly used in the electronics industry. The fine circuit board plate printing, the new flat panel display, and the fine filtering of dissolved substances in the high-tech fields such as aviation, aerospace, and national defense construction are estimated to have an annual production value of 1.347 billion yuan and a profit of 246 million yuan.

Launch an innovation engine. Entering the new century, in the face of severe challenges and competitive pressures, the screen industry in Anping County has embarked on the road of innovation-driven, scientific and technological progress. The county relies on nine wire mesh research institutes such as the Institute of Precision Stainless Steel Mesh, the Institute of High-grade Crimped Wire Mesh, and the Filter Institute to guide enterprises to strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes, actively carry out production, study and research activities, and collect scientific research in various aspects. The results provide a bridge between joint universities, research institutes, and the introduction of technological achievements. At present, the county has helped a number of companies establish long-term cooperative relations with Dalian Microfilament Research Institute, Tianjin New Materials Research Institute, and Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute. In addition, they also held four new product promotion fairs at the expo, which focused on the promotion of new products, new technologies, new equipment, and new processes in the wire mesh industry. A total of 35 new products were exhibited, of which 5 were filled domestically. blank.