Four engine-driven Anping leading the national standard


In recent years, Anping County has promoted the transfo […]

In recent years, Anping County has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the screen industry with four major engines: market pull, integration, foster aircraft carriers, and brand building. This has enabled Anping Wire Mesh to expand its international market, further optimize its export structure, and enhance the industry's discourse power. , Foreign trade exports have achieved rapid growth. From January to August of this year, Anping County completed foreign trade exports of 310 million U.S. dollars, and the growth rate of major economic indicators ranked among the highest in the city.

Market pull. Anping County adheres to the direction of internationalization and marketization, and continuously expands the development efforts in both the international and domestic markets, giving full play to the role of over 10,000 domestic sales stores, more than 1,000 trading companies, and over 30 foreign offices. The company has formed a wire mesh business network that covers the entire country and radiates the globe, and has achieved a close connection between production and the market. At the same time, they are actively preparing for the world's only screen professional exhibition - the 12th China* Anping International Wire Mesh Expo. This year's expo will be held from November 19 to 21 at the newly completed Convention and Exhibition Center in the county. , Higher specification and larger scale. They planned early, increased their census efforts, and carefully organized various preparations for investment promotion, exhibitions, reception, publicity, and security. All exhibitors also prepared in advance and carefully prepared their exhibitions in order to better seize business opportunities.

Two fusions. Anping County has seized the opportunity to be identified as the nation's first “national county-level county economic information demonstration county” to deepen the promotion and application of information technology and transform and upgrade the traditional screen industry with information technology. The first is the digitization of equipment. The Institute of Wire Mesh Machinery was set up and cooperated with Shijiazhuang Taihang Machinery Factory and other manufacturers in the area of ​​technology to develop and improve the improved wire mesh machinery, achieving technical innovation and upgrading of production equipment. At present, the numerical control level of the whole screen industry in Anping County has reached more than 40%, and 50% of the equipment has reached the domestic leading level. The second is marketing electronics. Fully promote the B2B marketing model, establish 450 online stores on international trade platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China, Global Sources and other well-known domestic websites, TRADEKEY, EC21, Thomas, Compass and other international foreign trade platforms, boosting Anping's wire mesh in overseas markets Landing, online trade last year accounted for more than 60% of the county's foreign trade exports.

Train carriers. Anping County adheres to the principle of helping the superiority and expertise, and intensively nurturing local enterprises, through the cracking of policy barriers such as financing bottlenecks, financial incentives, taxation control, and return of land transfer funds, to guide them to increase input and investment, and to focus on the formation of 10 group companies during the year. Strive to enter the guidance period for three companies, one to achieve market, create a leader in the production of quality products. At the same time, they actively contacted the running office, targeting the world's top 500, central enterprises, and provincial enterprises to attract talents. Hehuang Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. has invested RMB 1 billion in the re-listing of Hehuang Network Co., Ltd., and Hebei Iron and Steel Group has invested RMB 5 billion in deep. Drawing and Tangshan gathered into international logistics parks with an investment of 5.2 billion yuan, and formed a number of "industry giants".

Create a brand. Anping County vigorously implemented the brand promotion strategy, implemented a free agency registration system for corporate brand names, promoted the company's investment to create a famous brand, and successively cultivated "Boring Brand" wire mesh, "Huabao Brand" stainless steel wire mesh, and "Hehuang Brand" together. Ester net and other provincial excellent brand name products. At present, there are more than 500 companies registered trademarks, creating 17 provincial-level famous trademarks and 9 provincial-level brand-name products. The two Chinese brand names “British” and “Anga” have successfully completed publicity. They also registered the “Annet” brand silk screen collective trademark in the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. After passing the inspection by the Provincial Wire Mesh Quality Inspection Center, the company’s products without a trademark were sold under the “Annet” brand name. More than 10 companies such as Yingkai Mo and Kang Lida have also registered trademarks in foreign countries, which has increased the popularity and reputation of enterprises and products and activated their market competitiveness.