I would guess that you are from the US


I would guess that you are from the US, where there is […]

I would guess that you are from the US, where there is what seems a rather peculiar attitude to the flag.

I have to say that the US attitude to flags amounts to idolatry. There seems to be a worship of the flag itself, the rectangle of fabric (or plastic) rather than the thing the flag symbolizes.

In Britain, we don’t see the flag as something deserving of respect in itself. Any more than, say, corporate logos. If the staff of McDonalds met every morning to swear loyalty to McDonalds, and they Paper making fabrics Wholesalersgot angry at people who did not dispose of McDonalds branded packaging properly, it would be a bit creepy.

The flag is a symbol of the country, and any importance to its treatment is according to the symbolic circumstances. If you intentionally burn the flag in front of cameras, you are making a symbolic statement in a symbolic way. But if you clean up dropped paper after an event, and some of the dropped paper happens to have the flag on it, there is no need to treat that piece of paper specially because of the pattern printed on it. That would be superstitious. And doormats are madeSpiral dryer fabrics Wholesalers to be walked on, so walking on them is not specially contemptuous. And they make a statement as the first thing a visitor sees.

So the idea that the flag is, of itself, of special and quasi-religious significance is an American cultural phenomenon, and not a universal.