I don’t know if a juicer in my own home


I don’t know if a juicer in my own home is a TV shoppin […]

I don’t know if a juicer in my own home is a TV shopping or a shopping mall that combines soymilk. It’s noisy and difficult to use. Usually, parents often buy fruit, but the children at home are picky about fruits and many fruits. Apple/Pear type) doesn't like to eat, so I always wanted to change a good juicer before, and it can also be used as breakfast juice.

Like many people, the goal of upgrading is actually locked up well before the juice machine. It is nothing more than seeing the juice rate of the juice machine is high, the noise is low, the nutrition damage is small, and the price is obviously more expensive than the ordinary juicer. A lot, so I have waited until recently to buy.

The model selected is Hui's latest H-100 series DWBIA01 netless juice machine. Earlier, I didn't know that Huiren also divided several generations Fruit Squeezing Belts Suppliers   of products. When I really wanted to buy, I found 2 generations, 3 generations, 3 generations plus, and the latest H-100 series is a new series. As shown in the figure below, the filterless design is typical, so the juice yield will be higher and the cleaning will be more convenient. The price is actually the same as the 34th generation flagship product, and even cheaper (reservation of a few hundred discounts, and then sent Corning pots, so naturally buy new.

Product out of the box
I have considered Haitao before, but it is actually a few hundred cheaper, and without this latest model, Suning started directly.

The actual thing is a lot more than I expected, and the light juicer itself should have a dozen pounds. The outer packaging is also marked with Korean imports. All the accessories at a glance, the accessories are individually packaged, but it is actually more than I expected, and later used a few times to clearly understand the difference between the various filters.

This model actually has wine red and silver. I personally like the new color light gray, with the surrounding chrome decoration, it feels more retro, so many styles of household appliances have chosen this combination. The appearance of the mainframe is not complicated. The only key to opening is the boot knob, and only the three functions of juicing, inverting and stopping are better understood. If the default machine is not installed, it will not start. Different from other models of Huishui, there is a base that can hold the cup.

"Precursor", I feel that the official statement is also a bit difficult to understand, what kind of cup or shell should be called. The "precursor" component of Huiren here is mainly installed on the main body to hold the filter and its components. ItSpiral Mesh Belts Manufacturers   was discovered that the part of the "precursor" at the top of the Huiren (the fruit entrance) is the front body safety cover. The Hui people have not produced a large-caliber model to prevent the user from putting some fruits into the core. , (because the core may have trace amounts of toxins, such as apples).

Everyone is familiar with the slag and juice separation settings, which is really convenient.

"Juicing component": The most important part of the juice machine is basically the motor and its extrusion method. The speed of the H-100 DWBIA01 is fixed at 43 rpm as well as the three generations of the machine. The auger used for squeezing juice is similar to other models. It is also a bladeless structure. The main juicer is made of poly. Etherimide material, heat and impact resistance. The internal components of the rotating brush are composed of POM (previously used when water-cooled, it is known that the POM material is very durable) and the United States Dow Corning Xiameter safety silicone, it is no wonder that their home machine activities are sent to Corning.

No net filter component: Before the other people, the juice part of the machine is filtered by metal mesh. The biggest difference of the new H-100 series is that there is no filter setting. This setting is not simply to remove the filter, but The exclusive study of the structure (double body structure) to filter, is currently a unique technology. The advantage of this structure is probably that the juice rate is higher, and the cleaning is better. After all, there is no need to clean the mesh surface. There are also many filter components, which are divided into three types, one is pure juice component (suitable for seed, more fiber and fruit, such as apple, carrot, pomegranate), suitable for pure fruit juice taste; one is fruit juice component (bottom There are orange colloids, suitable for soft and moist fruits, such as dragon fruit, watermelon), especially for juices that like pulp fiber taste; one is ice cream components (currently high-end models will support ice cream/ice sand / Milkshake), is also a favorite of children.

It is more like to show the specific materials of various components that come into contact with food. The inner shell material can be assured. It is "baby grade" and "medical grade" material, and it is non-toxic.

The accompanying recipe manual, the recipe design is quite high-end, like the layout of the literary magazine.

Juicer, long ago is not what you think, Huiren no net juice machine_新浪众测

Self-contained juice cup (with scale), followed by slag cup (the largest one), comes with a cleaning brush and squeeze rod.

Installation process
The installation is better than the installation, and the fixed position will be automatically fixed without looking at the manual. In addition, if it is not installed, the machine will not start. The trouble is probably to remember the difference and installation of the three filter components. For example, the two components responsible for fruits and vegetables are filtered by a combination of two layers, and the ice cream component is a separate component.

The installation process is basically to place the "precursor" on the mainframe, then place the filter component on the "precursor" (depending on which type of juice you want to do, select the corresponding filter component), then put it into the auger, then cover Upper front body safety cover (cannot be turned on if not covered). In addition, the precursor capacity of H-100 DWBIA01 is about 500 ml.

Basically, it is used after the correct installation.

Juice experience
After the machine is installed, it is ready to start the juice extraction process, because in addition to juice, H-100 DWBIA01 can also make ice cream/shake/blizzard, so the children at home are very HI, just can tell them to do “coolie” to help. Wash the fruit, I go online to find the recipe.

Finally, I actually tried the following types, you can refer to the following.

1, colorful fruit: pure juice, this is a personal preference, but like radish / apple / pear, more fiber and more fruits, if squeezed separately, the juice rate is relatively low, personal suggestion can be combined with 1/2 fruit juice Full of fruits, such as oranges or watermelons/tomatoes. At the beginning, I tried the combination of watermelon/cantaloupe/orange. The feeling of coming out is sweeter and less greasy. The taste is full of fruity and mellow feeling. If you like it, if you like sweetness, you can consider removing the orange (the orange in the acid). And the sweetness of the watermelon), or add honey. Pure fruit, if the family is generally orange, dragon fruit and the like, the pure water juice is more abundant.

Contrast the pomace, a standard plate of fruit, probably can get more than 400 ml of juice, the pomace so little juice rate is very high.

The juice effect is very mellow. When you look at the picture, you should feel it when you pour the juice, and there is no pomace in the traditional juicing opportunity. The entrance feels very silky and delicate. You can feel the picture and feel it. Time will not be separated too seriously, and the taste is really obvious.

2, mango milkshake: Actually. . . I originally wanted to make a mango smoothie. As a result, I was stupid and didn't pay attention to making a mango smoothie.

H-100 DWBIA01 can make fruit ice cream on a fun point. The official method is to freeze the fruit into ice (before it is frozen), then use the ice cream component to make fruit ice cream. I belonged to the improved version. I changed the ingredients to the fruit + milk jelly combination. I originally wanted to make mango smoothie, but I didn't pay attention to it in several places during the actual operation. For example, the milk is not enough to freeze. Hard, but there is no liquid ice to melt.) The fruit itself is not frozen. I don't know if the original pomace outlet is ice cream outlet when making ice cream, so I finally turn it into a mango milkshake. But it is also beating. The taste is not bad, it will be better to control the degree of freezing and add some honey.

3, banana milk ice cream: here even if the above improved version, I replaced the material with bananas, then control the freezing time, banana milk ice when coming out, both the texture of the smoothie and the banana fruit flavor, very cool The children at home also like it. In addition, if you like sweet, you can use honey instead. If you have milk, it will be heavier.

Is it convenient to clean?
Cleaning should be an advantage for the H-100 DWBIA01, because it will be faster after cleaning without a metal aluminum mesh. Of course, the official promotion of 5 seconds cleaning is also a bit exaggerated, the official 5 seconds cleaning should be said to clean the components after the juice, because the residual separation is relatively clean, and the material has a certain water repellency, so the water is really ok. But if you use dairy products like ice cream in front of me, there is grease and it is said to be slightly cleaned. Of course, compared to other juicers, the ease of cleaning is much more convenient. Before the home juicer light treatment filter and pomace will be long.

The main unit can be cleaned with a short plush cloth.

There is a classic saying in the photography circle that you will know what you want to use after you buy a third tripod. This sentence can also be applied to the juicer. The earliest time you buy the juicer, you feel this stuff. It is said that the fruit is thrown in and stirred up. It does not take into account any slag, juice filtration, noise, cleaning, etc. After teaching the tuition a few times, I will know that I want to use that juicer.

And for the H-100 DWBIA01 juice machine for the benefit of the people, personally say a few actual feelings

1, noise, I completely forgot about this, I forgot the problem of sound in the process of use, which also can explain the advantages of the juice machine to a certain extent.

2, the price, compared to the domestic model is really expensive, one-time investment is high, but also because I intuitively look at the present.

3, the juice rate, the change of the filter structure, H-100DWBIA01 should be one of the models with the highest rate of juice on the market.

4, taste, taste has always been the advantage of the original juice machine, out of the ideal juice: no residue, good fruit flavor retention, fruit juice rich and silky, really different from the previous use.

5, the ease of use, personally feel that the place that you want to improve is that in the future, a single component can get all kinds of fruit and vegetable juices without having to divide so many components, so the learning cost will be lower. At present, the only thing that the individual is not satisfied with is to distinguish the filter components.

6, work is really more refined, after all, a penny of goods.

7, the use rate, the most important is the juicer cleaning trouble, the front also said that the H100's filterless design makes cleaning very simple, squeeze the fruit, then now the home is basically used for breakfast every day.