I am so tired, and I feel that many people


I am so tired, and I feel that many people know how to […]

I am so tired, and I feel that many people know how to do it. Just talk about it, mainly to save money for everyone.

Two years ago, as an Amway health madman, my grandmother spent 8,000 yuan to buy an Amway air purifier. The effect was really good. As soon as I opened my brother's rhinitis, it eased.
How, this advertisement is very sensational, such an advertisement is really effective for the elderly in your country.
How, this advertisement is very sensational, such an advertisement is really effective for the elderly in your country.

I thought it was amazing. Later I took this thing apart. In fact, it is such a thing:

Three-layer filter plus a fan, huh, huh. But... I can't go back, my grandmother almost died, and later I found her Amway agent to help me, it seems to collect money.

Later, I looked at the mainstream pm2.5 air purifier, which is basically the reason.

The first layer of filter screens the larger volume of particles in the air, such as dust and hair; the second layer is the hepa filter, which can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns in the air (ie PM=0.3), which is said to be below pm2.5. The particles directly enter the blood circulation, which is a bit scary, so this filter is very important; the third layer is activated carbon filter, which effectively filters air odor such as second-hand smoke and formaldehyde.

To put it bluntly, a fan is blowing against the three-layer filter. After the indoor air is over, it will be closed. You really want to know how dirty your home is. Open the air conditioner and have a filter. Look at the top. The ash is known. Think about your lungs again, hehe~.

Let's talk nonsense, let's talk about how to make a simple and simple pm2.5 air purification device.

The principle above is white, that is, the three-layer filter + a fan, the finished purifier is mainly a number of quick functions in air quality detection and use.

1. The first choice is the fan. Before that, a few foreigners chose the Tsann Kuen air circulation fan. This is really awkward. The wind is full, meaning that there is more air per unit time, and the effective space of the filter is large. Many Amway purifiers can only be used in a room of 20-30. If you think this is not enough, you can go to Taobao and look for a higher ventilation pipe exhaust fan. If you think it is expensive, you can use an ordinary household fan, but it is poor and inefficient. Why? I will talk about it later. If you still feel expensive with a household fan, you can blow your mouth against the filter.
Taobao: Search Tsann Kuen air circulation fan, there are several models, the general room to buy the 220 yuan or so is enough.

2. The choice of three-layer filter is also very particular. It is too thick and the air is not easy to blow. Think about the feeling of using 100 masks on your face. I feel bad about your fan, friend! If it is too thin, the filtering effect is not good and the life is short. My personal choice is: the primary filter chooses a layer of non-woven fabric, also called airPress Filter Belts Manufacturers  filter cotton, about 3mm, mainly filtering large particles of dust in the air, large particle dust is what? Think about your nose.
Taobao: Search air filter cotton / air conditioning filter cotton / dust cotton, can be. One square meter is just a few dollars.

The second layer of activated carbon filter, I choose activated carbon non-woven fabric, first of all, my family has no formaldehyde, there is no smell, plus a layer is mainly a peace of mind, while a layer of filtration can extend the life of the hepa filter.
Taobao: Search for activated carbon non-woven fabric, a few square meters a square meter.
I have a mechanical keyboard that works just fine.
I have a mechanical keyboard that works just fine.

The third layer of hepa filter is mainly the choice of thickness. I choose about 3cm. Taobao has some products of Philips air filter oem. The effect should be good. I don’t understand the principle of this thing. It may be a layer of paper. , like the car air filter. Then there is the size selection. According to the size of your fan outlet, the exit of the Tsann Kuen fan is 19cm, so your filter length can only be larger than this 19cm.
Taobao: search hepa filter, the price is between 70-120.
Just blowing the results for two hours, think about your lungs, oh~
Just blowing the results for two hours, think about your lungs, oh~

3. Assembly: first remove the cover of the fan air outlet (with screws), then cover the three layers of filter from the outside to the inside of the hepa, activated carbon, and virgin non-woven fabrics, and find a rope or strap. (I used the shoelace) fixed, it is OK.

This picture is stolen and loves you. Because I am a little ugly tied with a shoelace.

4. If you want to make your homemade air purifier more humane, just come to a timed socket, as shown in the figure, it seems that you can set 10 groups of switching time, especially nb, I bought it when I planted flowers, now I have sent it again. It’s time to use. Think about it, you can get off work at 5:30, you can open 6 o'clock at 5 o'clock, so that when you get home and open the door, there is a big room of fresh air waiting for you to suck, oh~, single friends hold it .

Careful viewers may find that I put the activated carbon filter on the second floor, instead of being placed at the outermost level like Amway, I can only say that I am happy.

The overall price is controlled within 300, and the set of online assembly is 480, the industry is sceptical. If you use an ordinary household fan, 120 can be done.

Male Gobi, saying that it’s a good talk, it’s so much, well, come here today, viewers, goodbye to the next show, and if you like me, you can pay me.