Hoe to chose Dust filter bag


The dust filter bag is called the heart of the dust col […]

The dust filter bag is called the heart of the dust collector. The choice of filter bag is very important, it directly affects the dust removal effect of the dust collector. The structure and design of the filter bag should be designed for efficient filtration, easy dust removal and durability. The choice of dust filter bag should be selected from the following aspects: the physical and chemical properties of dust-containing gas and dust, and the method of cleaning.
Bag dust collectors are generally based on the nature of the dusty gas, the nature of the dust and the dust removal method of the dust collector. When selecting a filter bag, the following principles should be followed:
1. The performance of the dust filter bag should meet the general conditions and special requirements of the production conditions and dust removal process.

2. Under the above premise, the filter bag with long service lifeDust filter bag should be selected as much as possible. This is because the long service life not only saves operating costs, but also meets the requirements of long-term gas emission.

3. When selecting the filter bag, comprehensive sorting should be made for sorting various filter materials. It should not be used with a so-called good dust filter bag to adapt to various working conditions.

4. In the nature of gas, dust properties and cleaning methods, filter bags should be selected according to the main influencing factors, such as high temperature gas, corrosive gas, flammable dust, etc.
First, according to the nature of the dusty gas

1. Temperature: Treat high temperature gas above 300 degrees, and then select the appropriate filter material after cooling. The gas below 200 degrees can be treated without cooling, and the filter material suitable for temperature can be directly selected.

2. Corrosion: When the dust-containing gas contains corrosive chemicals such as acidic, alkaline or organic solvents, the corrosion resistance of the dust filter bag is particularly important.

3. Humidity: When the dust contains high humidity and the dust has strong hygroscopicity, in order to prevent the dust from being squashed on the filter material, it is easy to clean, and the moisture absorption rate is low, the surface is smooth, and the dust is peeled off. Filter material
Second, according to the shape of the dust

1. Dust particle size: The particle size of the dust is small, which is easy to cause dust leakage. It is better to use a fiber layer with a small gap diameter made of short fibers with fine fineness.

2 Dust hygroscopicity, adhesive hygroscopicity, and strong adhesion dust will cause difficulty in cleaning. It is better to use a long-fiber woven dust filter bag.

3. Explosion of dust For explosive dust, the filter cloth is required to have certain antistatic properties. The production of anti-static filter cloth for metal fiber is increasing, and the purpose is to prevent dust explosion by antistatic property, and the dust adhesion is small.