High temperature resistant material


The high temperature resistant materials include refrac […]

The high temperature resistant materials include refractory materials and heat resistant materials, and there are inorganic compounds and high molecular polymer materials.
A refractory material generally refers to an inorganic material that can withstand temperatures above 1580 °C. They are building kiln, combustion chambers and other building materials that require high temperature resistance. Generally made of quartz sand, clay, magnesite, dolomite, etc., made of high temperature heat insulation coating, it is a component inorganic coating, the temperature range is -80-1800 °C, the thermal conductivity is 0.03W/mK can suppress the heat radiation and conduction heat of high temperature objects and low temperature objects, and can maintain 70% of heat for high temperature objects without loss.
Apply 8mm high temperature thermal insulation coating to the surface of the object at 1100 °C, the surface temperature of the object can be reduced from 1100 ° C to 100 ° C. In addition, the high temperature resistant thermalChina Press Filter Belts Suppliers insulation coating is also characterized by insulation, light weight, convenient construction and long service life. It can also be used as an inorganic material for high temperature and acid and alkali resistant glue, and the attached object is firm. Such as refractory cement, magnesium bricks, etc. In a broad sense, inorganic refractory and heat-resistant materials mean that these compounds have high hardness, good brittleness, good chemical corrosion resistance, and a melting point of more than 1500. For example, high-temperature glass is also a refractory material.