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Daqian Technology Materials is committed to the develop […]

Daqian Technology Materials is committed to the development and design of PM2.5 gram particle film masks. It uses the most advanced film materials and uses physical properties of filter media for physical filtration protection. It combines high-efficiency filtration, comfortable and breathable, and incorporates aesthetic design to make masks the most fashionable. Protective products.

Daqian Technology Materials feels that wearing masks is now to protect itself. The quality of masks has been recognized by Kang Jian’s “Good Things for Adults” and EVA Air’s “E-E-Purchase”, and the quality control of the mask production history is the first in Taiwan. The filter materials are sent to the third fair unit for testing. Each box of masks isDust Filter Bags Manufacturers  controlled by an independent bar code. The consumer can scan the QR code on the box to check the filter material test report.

:dc gram particle mask has also passed many tests at home and abroad, including: CNS15980 anti-mite (PM2.5) mask national standard A method eight major test A-level protection, National Chiao Tung University Environmental Engineering Institute test can effectively block PM2.5 and the atmosphere The heavy metal particles in the US, the Nelson Lab virus and oil mist filtration test in the United States are over 98%, and the Kaken Test Center in Japan can reach the highest level of the medical mask Level 3 standard.

The gram particle filter material is different fromPress Filter Belts Manufacturers  the general electrostatic melt blasting material, which has the disadvantage of reducing the filtering effect after contact with moisture. Therefore, in the case where the film is not damaged, the gram particle mask can be cleaned and reused, and is also more environmentally friendly.

Daqian also developed the film mask technology to the peripheral products: dc crepe film screen cover to solve the problem of not being able to open the window because of the outdoor (empty pollution) smog. Long-term closure of windows often causes indoor air to circulate, making people feel dizzy and uncomfortable. After installing the crepe film screen cover in DIY, consumers can effectively block the outdoor PM2.5 from entering the room even under high wind speed conditions, and maintain the characteristics of light transmission, breathability and non-perspective. It is suitable for fresh air and individuals. For privacy use, the dc crepe film is also suitable for use with indoor air cleaners.