Polyester net analysis of the use of polyester net, classification


Polyester net has the characteristics of high strength, […]

Polyester net has the characteristics of high strength, small deformation, corrosion resistance, good abrasion resistance, and long service life. It is also currently used in mineral processing, flour, sewage treatment, sugar refining, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, food, printing, coal washing and other industries.
According to the use, it can be divided into polyester forming net, polyester dry net, polyester spiral net, pressure filter, sludge dehydration net, washing pulp net, weaving net, polyethylene net, decorative net, polyester net press weaving series The division can be divided into four series, five types, seven types, eight types, sixteen types, and twenty-four series. Divided by type, can be divided into single-layer network, double-layer network, two-layer half-network, three-layer network.
     Features: Acid resistant, alkali resistant, abrasion resistant, high temperature resistant, long service life, several times that of woven dry blanket, canvas and general dry net. Flat surface, high tensile strength, good air permeability. High heat transfer efficiency can save energy for users. It is easy to install and use, the interface is not printed, and the strength can reach normal network.