Are sauna belts effective for fat loss?


The earliest incarnations of slimming belts involved si […]

The earliest incarnations of slimming belts involved simply using plastic wraps around ones waist. Modern varieties are usually made of non-breathable closed-cell neoprene. Most people wear them during physical activity, while some wear them for longer periods during the day. The misconception here is that you can somehow “melt” your fat if you elevate the temperature, like a piece of butter on a hot pan. This is not exactly the case and even if it was – where wouldVacuum filter belt that liquid fat go? Obviously, you don’t sweat it out – even if you somehow believe that, after melting down, it just oozes close to your skin – fat is not water soluble, so you are out of luck there.

Yes, you sweat more under the belt, because it’s non-breathable and waterproof. The skin it covers cannot thermo-regulate itself as well through perspiration. But what does that achieve? The (slightly) elevated core temperature may have you sweat more overall (in areas not covered by the belt) as your body attempts to cool itself down, but in the end – all you lose with your sweat is water. And more electrolytes which you need to replenish. That water, by the way, doesn’t necessarily come from around your waistline – and what’s more, it will be replenished the first time you properly hydrate.

There is nothing “slimming” about these belts. Proper reduction of waistlines comes from good eating habits and proper exercise. If you are interested in finding out how to do this properly - please visit my blog, which has many tips for men and women alike: