Air filter bag features and principles?


Air filter bag is divided into air filter bag and dust […]

Air filter bag is divided into air filter bag and dust bag
Performance characteristics: Filter efficiency grade G4~F8 is available for selection; special high-flux low-resistance chemical fiber cloth is used as filter material, which has large dust holding capacity; it can be equipped with galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame, plastic frame or stainless steel frame.

Application: HBM chemical fiber bag air filter is mainly used in general air purification systems in industries such as electronics, bio-pharmaceutical, mechanical instrumentation and petrochemical light industry.
Air conditioning system filter bag
Air conditioning system filter bag is mainly used for the filtration of air dust particles in the air supply system to meet the requirements of dust-free production environment. The dust bag is mainly used for industrial exhaust gas treatment of the exhaust system.China Liquid Filter Bags Suppliers

Air conditioning system filter bags are also called air conditioning system bag filters. According to different efficiency levels, they are divided into G3 and G4 primary filter bags, F5, F6, F7 and F8 medium efficiency filter bags and F9 sub-efficient filter bags. Depending on the material, there are glass fiber filter bags, synthetic fiber filter bags, and non-woven filter bags.

Outer frame: generally aluminum frame or galvanized frame with a thickness of 21 mm, aluminum groove is added in front of each filter bag, a metal rib is added at the back to increase the strength of the filter, and the filter bag is prevented from being at high wind speed due to wind. It is broken by friction. Non-woven filter bags Each filter bag has six spacers equally divided into the width of the bag to prevent the filter bag from over-expanding with the wind pressure, shielding each other, reducing the effective filtration area and efficiency. Ultrasonic edge sealing: Each filter bag edge is fused by ultrasonic method, which has good air tightness and bonding strength, and does not cause air leakage or cracking.

Product features: synthetic fiber filter bag, non-woven filter bag made of super synthetic fiber with special weave, avoiding the discomfort that the old fiberglass material may cause to the human body. The filter material contains electrostatic fibers, and the micron dust has particularly good filtration efficiency, and has the characteristics of high dust holding capacity, high gas permeability and high service life.

Air conditioning filter bag applications: precision electronics industry, electronics factory, hospital, laboratory, sterile room, aseptic plant, defense factory, tobacco, air conditioning system clean room, commercial building, theater, station, air station, painting workshop, school , computer room, and other environmental ventilation projects.

Dust bag
The dust bag refers to the matching bag in the bag filter and is made of dust cloth. In the production process of thermal power generation, steel, and cement industries, a large amount of dust is generated, which causes serious pollution to the atmosphere. Therefore, the state has imposed strict requirements on the atmospheric emissions of such enterprises, and bag dust removal is widely used. An ideal dust removal method, the dust bag (dust filter bag) is called the heart of the bag filter, which plays a very important role in the dust removal effect. Two important aspects that determine the quality of the dust bag are the quality of the dusting cloth (dusting material), such as high temperature resistance index, filtration accuracy, and air permeability. On the other hand, the production process and quality of the bag are also important factors, and the poor unionization leads to the phenomenon of powder leakage. The dust bag mainly includes filter press bag, filter bag, glass fiber high temperature filter cloth (bag); polyester filter cloth (bag); flimes needle felt filter cloth (bag); microporous film (PTFE) filter Bags and other chemical fiber woven filter bags, non-woven cloth filter bags.

Dust bag product features: high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance, easy to clean ash, water and oil, anti-static and so on.

Dust filter bag product application: widely used in steel, cement, chemical, power plants, road construction, metallurgy, grain processing, etc.

Nylon single mesh bag

The nylon single mesh bag is made of high quality nylon single screen, and each wire is welded and welded to increase its strength.

The wire is not deflected under pressure. The filter bag seam is subjected to tensile treatment and the bag steel ring is strengthened and sealed. By using the surface filtration principle, the nylon single mesh filter bag isolates the particles in the filtrate larger than the mesh, and is matched with an appropriate filter device, which is effective. The ground has the ideal filtering effect.